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Help us Eliminate Drowning


Orange Swim Associates has decided that we are going to do our part to #eliminatedrowning. We know that becoming CPR certified is one way to help prevent fatal drowning. 
So to help that cause OSA will be:
•Setting a goal of getting 500 people CPR certified by September 1st

•Offering a discounted price of just $60 ( normally $75) to get certified . 

•Offering at home CPR training for a group of 4 or more. ( so gather a few friends)

•Donating a dollar to National Drowning Prevention Alliance for every person we certify.

• Donating an additional  $500.  Totaling $1,000. If we reach our goal.

•Offering a pool safety plan for any family that signs up for swim lessons. 

•Continuing to educate and provide information. 

PLEASE SHARE, and take the pledge with us on our website, Orangeswimassociates.com     to    #eliminatedrowning
#poolsafely #drowningispreventable #drowningwarriors

Our Summer Pledge

Learn CPR for $15 off our normal pricing

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Orange Swim Associates is led by our founder and Certified Pool Operator James Mullen. We provide pool openings, closings, weekly and biweekly cleaning and maintenance services for your swimming pool. We can customize a plan to fit your budget so that you can enjoy your pool this summer!

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About Orange Swim Academy

To create lifelong swimmers!

I began working in the aquatics field in 2001.  Having worked in many different locations I learned a variety of programs.  I was also the head coach of a swim team. One of the main problems I saw was the large drop in numbers as swimmers  got older. Why did these once highly motivated children who loved swimming leave the pool for other sports? After talking with many swimmers, families, and looking at programs myself I realized that many of the current programs out there were slow paced.  They provided little incentive to continue swimming and even gave parents and swimmers a false sense of completion once they hit a certain level. I realized that the swimming world needed a program that was fun, fast paced, and had a place for older swimmers to  continue to enjoy and develop. This is what Orange Swim Academy is based off of.


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